I am a Senior Lecturer and Advance Queensland Research Fellow graduated from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW, Sydney, Australia. I am the Founder and Director of the IoT-Health Program at the University of Southern Queensland. 

My skills are in Signal Processing (Compressive Sensing, Sparse Coding), Applied Machine Learning and Optimization. Currently, I am making my hands dirty with "Deep Learning Neural Networks". 

My key research interests are in Unsupervised Representation Learning, IoT, Quantified Self, Perosnal Health Monitoring, Robust Mobile Computing, and Privacy-aware Mobile Computing.

Before joining USQ, I was a Post-doc at the Autonomous Systems Laboratory, CSIRO (2012-2014). 

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Research Grants

  • Received A$360,000 for Advance Queensland Research Fellowship.
  • Received A$100,000 research grant from Queensland Health (QH), May 2016.
  • Received A$8,000 equipment purchase grant, June 2015.
  • Received A$100,000 research grant from Queensland Health (QH), Feb 2014.
  • Shortlisted for the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation (AusHSI) grant, 2013- 2014. 
  • Received Postdoctoral Writing Fellowship Grant from UNSW, 2011 (5% success rate).

Honors and Awards

  • Queensland iAwards - Community, 2013.
  • Nomination for Best Thesis Award, UNSW, 2011.
  • International Postgraduate Award (UIPA)-UNSW, 2007 (Much less than 1% success rate). 
  • President Graduate Excellence Award (Gold Medal), Bangladesh, 2005.
  • Prime Minister’s Graduate Excellence Award (Gold Medal), Bangladesh, 2005.
  • University Grant Commission’s (UGC) Graduate Excellence Scholarship, Bangladesh, 2005. 


  • ORCATECH - Oregon Health and Science University; Jeffrey Kaye, Peter Jacobs, and Daniel Austin, 
  • CSIRO - Digital Productivity Flagship; Raja Jurdak, Brano Kusy,
  • UNSW - Wen Hu, Chun Tung Chou,
  • Computer Science - Portland State University; Nirupama Bulusu,
  • Centre for Embedded Networked Sensing - UCLA; Nithya Ramanathan,
  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR); Michael Breakspear,
  • SAIVT - Queensland Univeristy of Technology; Sridha Sridharan and Clinton Fookes,
  • Centre for Clinical Research - University of Queensland (UQ); David Copland,
  • School of Psychology and Counselling - Queensland University of Technology(QUT); David Kavanagh, Mental Health Division - Queensland Health; John Reilly, and Corianne Richardson,
  • Audiology Department, Queensland Health; Lia Traves,
  • Speech Pathology Department, Queensland Health; Katie Walker-Smith. 


Journal Editorial Board

  • Editorial Board Member - Journal of Electronics and sensors
  • Editorial Board Member - Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
  • Lead Guest Editor - Journal of Sensors - Special Issue: Deep Learning and Wearable Sensing.
  • Guest Editor - IEEE Access (Q1) - Special Issue: Health Informatics for the Developing World.
  • Sem2, 2016 - Lecturer, CIS5205 Management of Information Security - USQ; 
    • Student Evaluation - 5/5.
  • Sem1, 2016 - Lecturer, CIS5200 Profession Skills for System Analysis - USQ; 
    • Student Evaluation - 4.67/5.
  • Sem2, 2015 - Lecturer, CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy - USQ
  • Sem 2, 2014 - Teaching Assistant, CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy - USQ
  • Sem 1, 2014 - Adjunct Lecturer, Advanced Embedded Systems (CSSE7411), ITEE, UQ 
  • Sem 1, 2011 - Teaching AssistantELEC-4000-Wireless Sensor Networks, ITEE, UQ 
  • 03/07-03/09 - Teaching Assistant, COMP3331/9331-Computer Networks and Applications, CSE, UNSW
  • 01/05-07/05 - Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, State University, Bangladesh

PhD Thesis Panel

  • Oscar Castro Serrano USQ, May 2018
  • Jingxin Xu, QUT, Dec 2014.
  • Ahilan Kanagasundaram, QUT, Apr 2014.
  • Afsaneh Bhmani, QUT, Apr 2014
  • Chis Chew, QUT, Feb 2012. 
PhD Supervision
  • Shezan Haque - Principal Supervisor
    • Topic: Mood Inference
    • Expected Completion: 2020
  • Golnaz Mona Nouroozifar - Associate Supervisor
  • Ghazal Bargshady - Associate Supervisor


  • Publicity Chair - PASTA 2016 : First workshop on PervAsive Technologies and care systems for sustainable Aging-in-place
  • Publicity Co-Chair - Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI) ICACCI'16

PC Member

  • International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems  and Networks (EWSN) 2016, Posters and Demos.
  • The First IEEE International Workshop on Security, Privacy and Trust for IoT, 2016 SPT-IoT'16
  • Tenth IEEE International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications (IEEE SenseApp 2015)
  • Future Networks Systems and Security 2015 (FNSS 2015)
  • International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP) 2015
  • Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI-
  • 2015 Congress on Information and Communication Engineering (CICE 2015)
  • The 11th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC-2014) 


  • IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
  • Pervasive and Mobile Computing
  • Sensys
  • IPSN
  • SenseApp

Professional Membership

  • IEEE
  • Bangladesh Computer Society

Latest News

06.06.2016 - Gait Velocity Estimation using “time-interleaved” between Consecutive Passive IR Sensor Activation has been accepted in IEEE Sensors 2106 - Q1.
11.05.2016 - Poster: Context-driven Mood Mining has been accepted in MobiSys 2106. 
11.04.2016 - My paper "Opportunistic and context-aware affect sensing on smartphones: The concept, challenges, and opportunities" won the first place in the USQ School specific publication award
09.02.2016 - Accepted a Vice Chancellor's Research Fellowship at USQ
09.02.2016 - Starting a lab on the Internet of Things - "IoT-Health Lab"
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Prospective PhD/Masters Students

I am always looking for bright and motivated PhD students to join my new lab IoT-Health Lab. You will get the opportunity to work on the very latest problems in the IoT space, which will take you ahead of the crowd. There will be an opportunity for scholarships if you have a strong publication track record. Find my current projects in my Lab page and let me know which one interest you the most. 

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD, send me an email with your CV including publication track record, Software skills, and your Transcripts. Check my research interest and articulate how yours align with mine.

General information Postgraduate Scholarship at USQ can be found here. Information about admission can be found here.

Media Presence

 How An Intelligent Text Message Service Aims to tackle Ebola In Western Africa, Oct 2014. 
  SMS service could spot the next Ebola outbreak zone, Oct 2014.
  SMS service could spot the next Ebola outbreak zone, Oct 2014
  Noise Pollution Maps Crowdsourced from Smartphone Data, Oct 2013
  Noise pollution mapped by data collected on smartphones,  
 Oct 2014.

 Noise Pollution Maps Crowdsourced From Smartphone Data, Oct 2013.
    Smartphones to help fight stress from noise, Nov 2013.

   Noise Pollution Maps from Smartphone Data, Oct 2014.

PhD Student Guided

  • Sajib Saha (PhD student, ADFA@UNSW) 
  • Anton Lord (PhD student, QIMR) 
  • Stephen Vidas (PhD student, QUT)
  • Sien Chew (Chris) (PhD student, QUT) 
  • Uma Sabanadesan (PhD student, QUT)
  • S Sivapalan (PhD student, QUT) 
  • Yiran Shen (PhD startup, UNSW

Contact Me

Email is the best way to reach me. Email me: rajib.rana@usq.edu.au. You can call me on +61 7 3470 4234.

My physical address is 

Dr Rajib Rana
Office: B341
Institute of Resilient Regions, 
University of  Southern Queensland
Cnr Education City Drive
Springfield, QLD 4300