The IoT Health Program

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices (e.g., smartphones, smart watches etc.), having the capacity to sense, collect and communicate data seamlessly. The IoT-Health research program aims to capitalize on advancements in technology along with sophisticated information and data processing to better understand disease progression in chronic health conditions such as mental illness and cancer. In this research program we  couple IoT processes with Machine Learning (Deep Learning Neural Networks), to gather passive data about human health and then use this information to develop predictive algorithms for chronic diseases. For the current projects please go here.


Dr Rajib Rana is a Senior Lecturer/Research Fellow 
and the lead of the IoT-Health lab.

Academic Members

Dr Ravinesh Deo

Professor Jeffrey Soar

Associate Professor Ji Zhnag

Omar Ali



                     Phd Candidate

Ghazal Barghadi

         PhD Candidate

Mona Nouroozifar

          PhD Candidate

Siddique Latif

           Masters Student


          Software Engineer


Dr Nic Lane


Senior Lecturer at University College London (UCL), and leader of DeepX (an embedded focused deep learning unit) at Nokia Bell Labs. 

Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Director, Autism Research, 
Telethon Kids Institute, 
Autism, CRC 

Professor Michael Breakspear

Head, Systems Neuroscience Group, QIMR 

Dr Raja Jurdak

Senior Principal Research Scientist, 
Group Leader, 
Distributed Sensing Systems Group, CSIRO

Professor Roland Goecke

Leader, Vision Sensing Group, University of Canberra

Professor Xue Li

Big Data Expert, UQ

A/Professor Julien Epps

Associate Professor, 
Digital Signal Processing, UNSW, Sydney

Professor Neil Bergmann

Chair in Embedded Systems, UQ

A/Professor John Reilly

Medical Director, 
Townsville Hospital Mental Health Service Group, Queensland Health

Professor Jeffrey Kaye

Director, Layton Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center, 
Director, Oregon Center for Aging and Technology (ORCATECH),
Oregon Health and Science University, USA

Dr Peter Jacobs

Director, Jacobs Lab, Oregon Health and Science University, USA

A/Professor Nirupama Bulusu

Associate Professor, 
Computer Science @ Portland State University, USA.

A/Professor Junaid Qadir

Associate Professor, 
Information Technology University, Punjab, Lahore