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Selected Journal Articles

  1. "Gait Velocity Estimation using “time-interleaved” between Consecutive Passive IR Sensor Activation", Rajib Rana, Daniel Austin, Peter Jacobs, Mohanraj Karunanithi, and Jeffrey Kaye, to appear in IEEE Sensors Journal, Accepted on May 17, 2016, [pdfTop Tier
  2. "Novel Activity Classification and Occupancy Estimation methods for intelligent HVAC Systems", Rajib RanaBrano Kusy, Josh Wall and Wen Hu, to appear in Elsevier Energy Journal, 2015 [pdf] Top Tier
  3. "Opportunistic and Context-aware Affect Sensing on Smartphones: The Concept, Challenges and Opportunities", Rajib Rana, John Reilly, Raja Jurdak, Jeffrey Soar, to appear in IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, 2015 [pdfTop Tier
  4. "SimpleTrack:Adaptive Trajectory Compression with Deterministic Projection Matrix for Mobile Sensor Networks", Rajib Rana, Wen Hu, Mingrui Yang, Tim Wark, Chun Tung Chou, in IEEE Sensor Journal, 2014 [pdfTop Tier
  5. "Feasibility Analysis of using Humidex as an Indoor Thermal Comfort Predictor ", Rajib Rana, Brano Kusy, Raja Jurdak, Luke Hovington, Josh Wall and Wen Hu, Energy and Buildings, 2013 [pdfTop Tier
  6. "Ear-Phone: A context-aware End-to-End Participatory Urban Noise Mapping System", Rajib Rana, Chun Tung Chou, Wen Hu, Nirupama Bulusu and Salil Kanhere, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2014  [pdfTop Tier
  7. "Optimal Sampling Strategy Enabling Energy-Neutral Operations at Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Net- works", Rajib Rana, Wen Hu, Chun Tung ChouIEEE Sensors, 2014 [pdfTop Tier
  8. "Non-uniform Compressive Sensing for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks ", Yiran Shen, Wen Hu, Rajib Rana, Chun Tung Chou, IEEE Sensors Journal2014 [pdfTop Tier
  9. "Guiding Ebola patients to suitable health facilities: an SMS-based approach. F1000Research", Trad, Mohamad-Ali, Raja Jurdak, and Rajib RanaF1000Research, 2015 [pdfTop Tier
  10. "wHealth - Transforming Telehealth Services", Rajib Rana, Margee Hume, John Reilly, Sabe Sabesan, Jeffrey Soarto appear in Scalable Information Systems, 2015 [pdf]
  11. "A New Pseudo-automatic Outer Lip Contour Extraction Approach Based on RGB Components ", Md. M Rahman, Faisal M Chowdhury, Rajib Rana and Md. Fazleh ElahiInternational Journal of The Computer, The Internet and Management, 2007 [pdf]

Selected Conference Papers

  1. "Real-time Featureless, Efficient, and Robust Classification in Acoustic Sensor Networks via Sparse Approximation", Bo Wei, Mingrui Yang, Yiran Shin, Rajib Rana, Wen HuThe 11th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2013) [pdfTop Tier
  2. "Ear-Phone: An End-to-End Participatory Urban Noise Mapping System ", Rajib Rana, Chun Tung Chou, Salil Kanhere, Nirupama Bulusu and Wen HuACM/IEEE Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2010) [pdfTop Tier
  3. "Cross-layer Interactions in Energy Efficient Information Collection in WSN with Adaptive Compressive Sensing", Chun Tung Chou, Rajib Rana and Wen HuIEEE Local Computer Networks (LCN 2009) [pdfTop Tier
  4. "Energy Aware Sparse approximation Technique (EAST) for Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks ", Rajib Rana, Wen Hu and Chun Tung ChouEuropean Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2010) [pdfTop Tier
  5. "Adaptive Algorithm for Compressive Approximation of Trajectory (AACAT) from Delay Tolerant Wire- less Sensor Networks", Rajib Rana, Wen Hu,Tim Wark and Chun Tung ChouEuropean Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2011) [pdfTop Tier
  6. "Reconstruction of Temporal-Spatial Profile from Participatory Sensing Data using Compressive Sensing", Rajib Kumar Rana, Chun Tung Chou and Salil KanhereSensing on Everyday Mobile Phones in Support of Participatory Research, (SenSys 2007) [pdfTop Tier
  7. "Distributed Sparse Approximation for Frog Sound Classification", Bo Wei, Mingrui Yang, Rajib Rana, Chun Tung Chou, and Wen Hu,In Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2012) [pdfTop Tier
  8. "Determination of Activities of Daily Living of Independent Living Older People Using Environmentally Placed Sensors", Qing Zhang, Mohan Karunanithi, Rajib Rana and Jiajun Liu, International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’13)  [pdf]
  9. "Compressive Sensing for Gait Recognition", Sabesan Sivapalan, Rajib Kumar Rana, Daniel Chen, Sridha Sridharan, Simon Denmon and Clinton Fookes In the International Conference on Digital Image Computing : Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2011) [pdf]
  10. "Dynamic texture reconstruction from sparse codes for unusual event detection in crowded scenes", Xu, Jingxin, Denman, Simon, Sridharan, Sridha, Fookes, Clinton B., and Rana, RajibIn Joint ACM Workshop on Modeling and Representing Events (J-MRE’11) [pdf]
  11. "Non-uniform Compressive Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks: Feasibility and Applications", Yiran Shen, Wen Hu, Rajib Rana, and Chun Tung Chou, Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, (IPSN 2011) [pdfTop Tier
  12. "Towards Plug-and-Play Functionality in Low-Cost Sensor Network", Rajib Rana, Neil Bergmann, and Jarrod Trevathan,  Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP 2011) [pdf]
  13. "Sparse temporal representations for facial expression recognition", Chew, Sien Wei, Rana, Rajib, Lucey, Patrick J., Lucey, Simon, and Sridharan, Sridha, In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, Gwangju (PSIVT 2011) [pdf]
  14. "Experiences with Sensors for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings", Branislav Kusy, Rajib Rana, Phil Valencia, Raja Jurdak , Joshua Wall, The Fifth Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks (REALWSN 2013) [pdf]
  15. "Quantitative analysis of the EEG source localization problem", Sajib Saha, Tim Gureyev, Yakov Nesterets, Rajib Rana, Frank De Hoog, Murat Tahtali, The 11th Annual World Congress of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (2014) 


  1. Energy-aware compressive sensing, Rajib Rana, Wen Hu, 2011


  1.  Sparse Approximation Methods For Wireless Sensor Networks, Rajib Rana, 2011

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